Healthy family eating habits: fashion or lifestyle

Many families also use food choices, cooking and eating as a way to instill healthy eating habits in their children. After all, the diet of modern man determines the state of his health throughout life, directly affects its duration, significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, ie the most dangerous diseases for people.

"Healthy eating" of life

There are some rules of healthy eating that should become a way of life. Focus on eating. If you work at a computer, watch TV, read or do other things, it often leads to excessive consumption of food, including unhealthy. Temporarily stop doing other things and pay full attention to food. Try to eat only at the dinner table, avoid eating in bed, transport, in front of the computer, etc. The speed of eating significantly affects the amount consumed, the fullness of satiety and hunger. You need to eat slowly, spending 20-30 minutes on the main consumption of food and 10-20 minutes on snacks. Make eating as a rule for your family. This is the best opportunity to instill healthy eating habits in children, grandchildren and all other family members. Family suppers are an important step towards the well-being and strengthening of ties between family members. Do not keep useless products at home, it will significantly reduce the likelihood of their consumption. Avoid eating and snacking if you are not hungry. Do not confuse emotions with hunger. Drink a glass of water first, wait 10-15 minutes and you will understand if you really want to eat. When you have an unbearable desire to eat something, start with a small piece. Try to stop and avoid consuming a large amount of the object of your desire.

Keep food healthy too

Food security is a matter of human responsibility and a reliable means of preventing poisoning and intestinal infections. Food safety rules contain all stages of handling food before its consumption, including cleanliness, selection of only quality and safe products, proper conditions for their transportation, storage and preparation.